Lover - Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-08-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18

  • ℗ 2019 Taylor Swift


Title Artist Time
I Forgot That You Existed Taylor Swift 2:50
Cruel Summer Taylor Swift 2:58
Lover Taylor Swift 3:41
The Man Taylor Swift 3:10
The Archer Taylor Swift 3:31
I Think He Knows Taylor Swift 2:53
Miss Americana & The Heartbrea Taylor Swift 3:54
Paper Rings Taylor Swift 3:42
Cornelia Street Taylor Swift 4:47
Death By A Thousand Cuts Taylor Swift 3:18
London Boy Taylor Swift 3:10
Soon You'll Get Better (feat. Taylor Swift 3:21
False God Taylor Swift 3:20
You Need To Calm Down Taylor Swift 2:51
Afterglow Taylor Swift 3:43
ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Pan Taylor Swift 3:13
It's Nice To Have A Friend Taylor Swift 2:30
Daylight Taylor Swift 4:53


  • beautiful

    By miguelisaac
    the archer, cornelia st, daylight ❤️
  • Only liked one song

    By CattyJane3
    She sounds the same on this album. Not a lot of change. I used to buy her albums to get away from politics and sides for some peace and now her politics have left a bitter taste...tired of famous people telling hardworking America how to live. We pay for her albums not her opinions. Who made her judge? It's easy to put your opinion out when you agree with the blackballers and you aren't drilled on it... No more TS for us. Thanks though.
  • masterpiece

    By band.nerd02
    the most relevant reviews are from before August 23rd, which is upsetting because they didn’t even hear all 18 tracks in order before jumping to a conclusion. this album is like if RED had a happy ending. it’s emotion, vulnerability, and production are all so effortless and beautiful and the fact that she owns all of it? it’s gorgeous. it also shows her complexity as an artist. throughout Lover, you have more modern pop (i forgot that you existed, the man, i think he knows) to darker pop (cruel summer) to old timey pop/country (Lover) even touching on some alternative, like in Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince. and her ability to write a breakup song solely by watching a movie (death by a thousand cuts) without actually experiencing the heartbreak first hand? beautiful. overall, this album is definitely her most critically acclaimed for a reason and deserves all the awards possible.
  • 💔💔💔

    By olive ➕🍭eaquals 😍
    This album breaks my heart in a bad way. Taylor, this album is not my favorite. But here are the following songs that I love: Cruel Summer, ME!, and you need to calm down. The songs that is kinda like are: lover, the man, and I forgot that you existed. The songs that I hate are the rest of the songs in this album. I am sorry Taylor but this album is not a hit for me 😕 Try to come out with a better album next time. I’m sorry but this album does not wanna make me dance.
  • best ever

    By dog man oof
  • really good

    By musicreviewer23
    it surprised me

    By struggle13t
    best album yes
  • Awesome pop album

    By lblouis
    Sounds like a lot of “Christians” are low rating TS’s album because of her personal choice of writing lyrics. Too bad you can’t enjoy it, so move on. It’s a really great album. She has such a varied writing and music style on all her album. I actually liked every song. The production is very high and sounds amazing when you turn it up. I love the non-single songs even more.
  • Too much reverb

    By 5m31k0
    Should be called “Taylor Reverb”
  • It’s okay

    By shfiwnthaodvd
    It’s not bad, it’s just not really my taste. To me it sounds like the songs were made just to be hits. They sound like every other song on the radio. I like a few of the songs, but it’s not that impressive. I think she did a good job and I’d like to think she worked hard, I just don’t like it. That’s not saying that it’s unarguably bad. Plenty of people like this.

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